We are not just an IT company, we are much more. We pride ourselves as being creative thinkers, designers, developers, digital media & marketing experts, technical professionals, and masters of innovation.

Our Vision

Revolutionize the development of technology & businesses, the creation of applications, and enhancing the experiences of consumers.


 Our team of professionals are dedicated to providing innovative services & solutions to both businesses & organizations to ensure their continued growth in todays digital world. Our focus is to make technology work seamlessly for your business/organization, enhancing brand reputation, establish a digital presence, and connect with consumers to ensure an exceptional experience.

Our Approach

Let’s get to know each other
What does your brand stand for? What is your vision? Your history? Where do you see your brand in 5 years? Everything matters, every detail. Its how we establish the foundation to the success of any project.
The White Board
Now that we know more about you, we begin the process of developing a unique strategy which is catered specifically to your brand, your business, or organization.
Let’s get to work!
This is the fun part, we finally kick our plan into action! We believe in the old saying that team work makes the dream work, and we pride ourselves on working with our clients to make their dreams a reality.
Quality is everything
Upon completion, we finalize every detail one more time, ensuring that we’ve created the best product, the best service, with the best experience for both our clients and their consumers.
At ICIT, we make it our priority to cater to the individual needs of your brand, business, or organization. We believe in working with our clients, developing & implementing the best possible services & solutions.
Everything we do is in-house, from design, development, creative media, marketing, and a team of professionals who work with you to support your organizational & business needs.
Questions about our IT services?
Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler.
-Albert Einstein


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Oakville, ON, Canada
L6H 1A7
+1 905 769 0690