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We offer solutions from end to end IT support for small medium businesses (SMB) to specialized consulting for enterprise business solutions (EBS). Our goal is to make technology your biggest asset. This enables us to not only address the needs and wants of our clients, but to create an efficient and effective work environment.
Small Medium Business Solutions
Well manage your entire network, eliminating bottlenecks in the system & ensuring a continuous flow of data for optimal performance. Well quickly respond to hardware & software malfunctions, maintaining a reliable network for our clients & their users.
  • Network Management: (Consultation, Maintenance, Planning, Designing, Network performance improvement, Network Security, Network Analytics, Site-to-Site tunnel connection, Firewalls, Switches, Routers, Load-Balancers)
  • LAN/WAN & Wireless: (Basic/Advanced Network Setup, Wireless Network Setup)
Security of a network is just as vital as the performance & reliability of a network. Well adequately secure your network from unauthorized users to prevent the theft and or loss of valuable & confidential data.
  • Managed Security and Compliance: (Mitigating Risk, Network Penetration tests, Discover Data and Security Gaps, Encryption of Confidential data, Dual Factor Authentication, SSO, Antivirus Solutions, Data Loss Prevention, Web/App Security, Wireless Network Security, IPS, IDS,Hardware Security,  Log Management Services, Threat Analytics)
We set up a system which will allow for us to monitor your infrastructure, so incase of a malfunction, hardware or software related, we are able to immediately react & implement a solution.
  • Websites, Servers, Applications, Storage, Network Devices
Dedicated vs Virtual, our belief is that there is no simple solution. Its all dependent on the type and size of the business/organization. Our technical professionals are well versed at managing different server/storage devices.
  • Server Virtualization
  • Managed Platform: (Network Hardware, Computers, Internal and External
  • Cloud environments, Cloud infrastructure and applications)
  • Rack & Stack: (Physical Cabling, Racking Devices, Migration from one DC to another, Office Cabling)
Regardless if your a small or medium sized business, our specialists at ICIT are the first line of assistance for when users encounter technical issues.
  • Service Desk support
  • Mobile Device Management/BYOD
  • Managed Printing Services
  • End-point Security
  • Inventory and Device Management
  • Business Email Solutions (Office365, Exchange, Google AFB)
From products to services. We provide our clients with high quality communication systems, catered specifically to their organizational/business needs.
  • VOIP & PBX Solutions
  • Business Internet Setup
  • Teleconferencing
Data is the life line, and the loss of data by corruption, failed hardware, or even a natural disaster, can have devastating effects on the operations of an organization or business. For that reason alone it is crucial to implement a suitable recovery plan to avoid such scenarios.
  • Data protection Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions (Cloud Backups, On-site backups, Off-site backups, Application specific backups, DB backups, archiving and business continuity)
  • Storage Solutions (On-site/Off-site Storage solutions, Cloud Storage Solutions, VPDC)
Cloud services provide many benefits in regards to the operations of SMBs. From consistent availability, dependability, to highly protected environments – at ICIT we provide our clients with the perfect hybrid solutions (dedicated/virtual).
  • Cloud Services (Vmware Solutions, Citris XenApp, Amazon AWS/EC2/EC3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud/App Engine, Heroku, Rackspace, Data centre virtualization, desktop virtualization)
  • Public Cloud (AWS, Office 365, Azure)Private Cloud (Vmware, Hyper-V , OpenStack
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Security
  • Saas, Iaas, PaaS Solutions
Enterprise Business Solutions
Our consultants at ICIT specialize in several specified technologies, for which we provide consulting services at the Enterprise level.
  • CI/Deployment (Atlassian tools such as: Jira, Confluence, Fisheye, Stash, Bamboo, TeamCtiy, Jenkins)
  • Databases (MongoDB, OracleDB, MySQL, DB2, PostgresSQL, MSSQL)
  • Security (Tripwire, Snort, CyberArk)
  • BI/Monitoring ( Splunk, Kibana, Nagios, Graphite, Icinga, HPOM, New Relic, Uptime, PagerDuty)
  • SCM (GIT, Subversion, Github, Bitbucket)
  • Configuration management
  • Cloud and virtual data centre design and implementation
  • Capacity and performance planning/optimization
  • Scripting and automation
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